Friday, February 8, 2008

one shining contact [emerging from incoherence]

[written 2008-02-08-1928 posted 2/15 0648]
this is

no more

procrastination possible.

must reflect.

have been
working on

escaping reflection

in working on blog, I encounter

peaple with jobs,
who make money


I hear news

so time for silence, sensing
this node's space.

The blog--
the drive--
I guess,
about connection.

Some garden work done--

But the contact with people I seem to crave more,
and that contact is there, in the electrons sent, sensed

That contact is there,
in my refining of some posts, again and again, to be more readable--

That contact is there.


and do I want no job?
what would I do with money?


is there any non-computer way to have that contact with people?

Having no job?


it seems fine.


any change?


More balance with how computer used, would be good change.
No sitting here all day, never exercising. No more of that, would be good.


More work in garden might be good--
I haven't done it much though.

Connection not there?


The only new connection I see is a north county gathering to weave willow, eat wild plants.


Everyone else goes on about highways, airports, jobs, houses, money

--so far, I get to play.

so far, I see no end--

to that play--


The toll, though,
being the odd one--

seeking connection--

neglecting peace, care for body--


So the Internet work,
leads to connection like that.

can't I stay here?

care for the garden here?


I expect it will all get done.

Let what happens .


So what happens to one who does none of what one is supposed to do, living in US in 2008?

we're finding out.


The blog, only thoughts, has to be for the writers.

Readers can go so many other places.

will it be a place that elicits writing?



I guess,
that's all.

a gathering to plan--one shining contact--
a verge, perhaps, to plant --a cloudy contact--

---always more computer work--mapping carfree casualties, mapping gardens-- ah, archiving carfreeuniverse--

and the garden here to work on.


no more than that.


can there be a blog of no news? of no issues? of no leadership?

Can't you all walk away and live with your grandmas?


will the doers end up housing me someday, who stopped doing?


When I explore the world, for the blog, I find doers.

Not peace.--creative spirituality maybe--
not stillness.


Too, the force in me, is not to total stillness, inaction. . .

It seeks connection?


The force, not what I am.


a computer seed planted long ago, that is what is growing here.


What projects can I work on not needing to travel around?



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