Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Correction: the measure I use for rice and lentils/beans is just over half a cup.

Spiritual Law of Day, Wednesday, (Chopra, Simon) is:
The Law of Least Effort
1. Practice acceptance
2. Accept responsibility
3. Listen to your heart

"you do not see nature straining

"Timing and finesse are the tools for transformation

pp 61-2


Om Daksham Namah

"My actions achieve maximal benefit with minimal effort"

I posted, then looked at more of Adi Da stuff, then looked at paper. Then left to Baja Canyon, with intention to do the 7 laws yoga session again.

The sun got to me. I left to find another spot on campus, which I did, and went through session there, preparing my cheat sheet--I will not always be referring so closely to the language in the book.

At 230 was done. Went to library. Looked at more of Trungpa, Adi Da, Ghose Aurobindo, Yogananda.

Adi Da was easiest to get self to read.

Left, visited further away fig trees. Went home, cooked, ate, read a bit more about Adi Da.

I may be studying the kheper site more.


Some seriously unmindful speech to grandma. My usual policy has been to say as little as possible to her because her responses are not often something I want. I decided to let self go a bit. But won't any more, I think.

She said I wouldn't hear her if she screamed (out in the back).

I said that's why I go out there.

That was mostly it!

I decided not to visit friend--I wanted more silence today I guess.


Thinking about the spiritual autobiographies of gurus, I made a list to study: Cohen, Adi Da, Yogananda, Tenasi Rama of /com?

The kheper site seems to have done a good job of this.

In my quick looks yesterday, Aurobindo seemed to come out as the "source," the deepest source for much other work. [or most connected to the deep source of all work]

He's not easy to read for me though.


I think I'll walk across highway this morning and get some peanuts and maybe other things.

Finally the rice and legumes is getting a bit old.

I reached this point on my hiking trips--and got to ask myself, would I want to keep living if this was all I could eat? I decided yes.

But if I don't have to. . .

I also want to do the yoga session again working on getting the time down to the 45min to 2hrs it could take.

There's someone from who emailed me to call. She's very positive and enthusiastic. Maybe wanting to recruit me in some way?

She didn't mention the site, but a search of the phone number got me there. There's a lot already mobilized behind this.

Could I be involved?

Maybe she'll help me?

Well--I've been thinking, Auroville and Aurobindo / the Mother may be the leaders with the "completest view".

I wasn't as keen on other communities perhaps because of their unclear/ unreasonating / undefined spiritual vision.

But Auroville could be anything but that.

I would say "spirit first" when it comes to communities.

I am not at all certain a Secular earthcare / peoplecare focus, humanistic, progressive, urban, (like Portland) is enough.

Maybe that is the image you present to the general public? To some of the public? But deeper down there should be more?


Food wise things have been fine. I've wanted to eat more at times, but what I've been eating is enough. Today may be a bit different.

Waking up around 1am and not feeling tired was a bit of a challenge.

"What do I do now?"

I don't like to read then.

So I lay there, a bit restless.

Imagined having some spiritual content / vision to focus on.

BROADER PLAN: just keep learning this yoga practice for now.

Yesterday I was slow, a bit sore, not sure why, but found out going through the poses again--the Diamond one--starting kneeling, then sitting back, then raising to kneeling again.

The lower calories also contributed to slowness, to not focusing well on reading.

In the past I've been drugging self with food to make it easier to do certain things--perhaps.

OH--and in terms of the mind chatter--a lot was rehashing what I'd just written--sort of savoring parts of it--

I'm not sure what the mind is doing when it goes over and over those things--like the title.

So main focus today: the yoga, and getting some different things to eat.

Things may be different than this plan--it is time to stay here or walk the other way than across the highway.

This is very little. This is not much.

So, here we go, into


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