Sunday, October 28, 2007




Woke, cooked brown rice, pinto beans, seaweed, eggplant, beets, etc.
Looked at paper.
Went to campus. Wandered around. Found building to relax in--the leaf blower guys were out. This took a while. Some asbestos guys saw me coming out of the building I have been in, and probably told someone to lock up better. Other location, workers were in there. And final location was a bit unfamiliar, so found new spot.

Then, 10-11 or so, weights + bit on Erg (rowing) + jacob's ladder (hand and feet walking treadmill).

Came back to see parade. Parade cancelled. Found grandma, all dressed up. Her art form. All yellow, plus florist flowers in hat + perfume cloud. At least someone else walking by said how nice she looked.

Ate grains--12pm.

Got to reading outside--_7 spiritual laws of yoga_ Chopra, Simon.

Got to sleeping.

Around 3 or 4 got to eating more.

also switched to reading _Cien AƱos de Soledad_.

Later got back on the yoga book.

Amazing how all else is forgotten. Was up sort of late eating, reading.

The eating.

Relaxing in building.

None. Maybe _7 Spiritual Laws_ will help.

Oh-- it was to look more into Auroville / Sri Aurobindo.

Mindless eating.

Today, no return to home in middle of day. Will stay away until time to eat evening meal.

I will eventually just have to practice willpower to not eat at night (after evening meal) [or go sleep somewhere else]. Doing better with optimal nutrition may make this easier.

Also--with new routines I tend to fiddle a bit, so some of that was happening last night.

So much is left out of this review.

My mind went so many far-out places.

At one point last night I thought I would just not write more till serious change occurred.

The reading of a fiction work is significant. . . significantly odd. . .

I was reading the Yoga book--and realized I just did not want to read, so I was eating to get self to read. So tried fiction instead.

Yeah this is all the same story.


Another passing, abandoned insight:

Why I may not go to monastery: I want to find a way to do this where I am. . .

I have enough freedom. I think I should be able to.


I really need to focus on dental health more-- So lets see if today I can.

PLAN (continued)

After this, eat, look at paper, brush teeth.

Go to campus. Lift weights. Study yoga. Other good things. Do not return till 5pm or later to cook dinner. Brush teeth after dinner. Do not eat more. Sleep. Get up. Repeat.

Seems like I should be able to do that indefinitely. . .

Let's see if I hold it for this week.


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