Monday, October 29, 2007


Good Morning.

Woke, began cooking, wrote my update for previous day, posted it. Wrote email in response to one I received. Ate and looked at paper. Left 830 or so? Visited friend, we talked for a bit--rent issues. I walked to school. Messed around trying to find classroom as it was still a bit smoky, but then just went outside, lay on bench at scripps cottage.

And that is what I did. Very lazy. Lay there mostly. Did sit for a bit, and did eventually begin to read _7 Spiritual laws of yoga_. Around 1 or so went into library. Used computer for a bit. Then back outside, finished reading, more or less, _7 laws. . ._

Then home, via fig tree. Cooked, ate, brushed teeth, read during this time _Sonora_, _Cien aƱos_, some Italo Calvino.

That is mostly it.

The basic goal of day was to eat in morning and in evening and to brush teeth after meals, and to not endlessly read & eat into night.

That is what happened. Dental health may be beginning to recover.

Maybe today I'll do some exercise other than walking back and forth. Maybe I'll try out some of the yoga I read in _7 laws_.

Thought I would throw out any concern with mindfulness/mindlessness.

Got reading about the Sonorans, by a german Jesuit monk, and his description of the natives sounded like one I could relate to.




Post this, eat, maybe look at paper (a bit early for that).

Go to SDSU, do weights, I hope. This eating first makes me want to sit, and then I'm not getting to weights. Or do yoga.

Maybe look at _Autobiography of a Yogi_.

Maybe begin to think of doing something in garden?

Ignaz Pfefferkorn was the Jesuit monk.

Let me share his description of my new role models:

Imagine a person who possesses all the customary qualities which make one disgusting, base, and contemptible [not sure if I want to own up to that, the rest, ok]; a person who proceeds in all of his actions blindly, without consideration or deliberation; a person who is untouched by kindness, unmoved by sympathy, unshamed by disgrace, not troubled by care; a person who loves neither faith nor truth and who has no firm will on any occasion; a person not charmed by honor, not gladdened by fortune, or sorrowed by misfortune; finally, a person who looks only at the present and the sensual, who has only animal instincts, who lives indifferently, and who dies indifferently. Such a person is the true picture of a Sonoran. (Ample proofs of this pretty description will subsequently appear.) p. 166.

Not sure if I want to be always looking only at the sensual, but almost all the other parts of it work. And based on the rest of the book, the Sonorans are impressive.

I guess what I'd like most now, is to focus on excellent physical health--no more all of this laying about, but now to get some good exercise. Get a bit more trim, flexible, losing self in movement, and yogic!

So, the new yoga then.

That will be a tentative additional intention. Keep up with morning and evening eating of legume+rice, plus the teeth brushing. And work in more regular and sustained exercise.

With that base?

Then maybe I'll get the garden straightened up and get some new good stuff growing in there.

With that?

Just continuing to do that indefinitely sounds fine.


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