Thursday, October 18, 2007


07-10-17 20:11
I made it here once more.

I thought I might write inside--but distracted self with Internet, and with popping corn in the microwave.

That particular renunciation has lost a bit of steam.

I am outside on the ground though. I did cook the pot over the fire. But used the microwave for a squash, lentils, corn.


Having written yesterday's update, I went to swim, do weights, then to park, but, hungry, did not sit more than a moment, and went to fig tree, ate figs, then sat, with dogs barking at one point, children playing.

Then passed time at library (2pm-4?) looked at some books in the "new" section.

Then here to cook, eat--which I was eager to do, since I didn't cook yesterday.


Mindfulness, mindlessness, insights?

Mindlessness--well the last bit of eating while using computer was probably the most notable.

All other eating was eating--often with mind running, but for now I settle for just eating without reading--gradually I'll work on eating food, not thoughts or plans--eating and really paying attention to eating.

Picking out books from the new section in library was a bit mindless. I have my yoga book and _Varieties of Religious Experience_ to read.

Some of my written speech this morning probably was a bit mindless. And this too.

Mindfulness: Only greeting the owner(?) Alfred of Buddah-to-go(.com?) []with palms in the lotus position comes to mind. Rest of day I don't have special accomplishments in mindfulness coming to me.

(One great use of the lotus greeting was to say goodbye to some Mormon missionaries.)

While distracting self with computer I did watch a mahamudra meditation led by Patrick Sweeney.

I felt the potential there for a more intense experience.

This morning, waking, walking out of canyon, greeting my friend, that stands out.

Waking up outside.

Making the fire.

Being with grandma a bit.

Right now. This has been interesting.


On this corner of the house there seems to be yet another abusive (verbally at least) parent to listen to. This one is in the apartments.


insights: future?

Mahāmudrā Meditation with Patrick Sweeney

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