Saturday, October 20, 2007

Critical Mass Walk

07-10-20 5:28
good morning.
I'm on the iceplant in a canyon.

I left the house at 3pm yesterday. On the way out I told my grandma I might not be back till Sunday morning.

I didn't have any plans. But then began to wonder what I might do if I did not return till Sunday. And I thought about walking to the beach.

So I am--or at least to Point Loma. From there--maybe to La Jolla.

After writing yesterday I ate and rested. Nothing too mindfully or mindlessly. Then I got up and--oh I read the paper before all that.

I looked at Mary Baker Eddy's _Science and Health_ for a bit. My friend had asked to borrow _7 habits of highly effective people_ , which got me looking at some books as I found that one, and a few others.

I visited the fig tree.

Returned and got ready to go.

Got some lima beans for Grandma Ann. Only a few. There aren't a lot yet.

The three p.m. time was set by my friend. So I waited at her place and imagined starting a "critical mass walk."

We talked for a bit and then I left.

The walk has been good. Not super mindful. Not all the way mindless, and if it is mindless, a not very harmful kind.

I found the United Lodge of Theosophists--, and Patti showed me their library and garden and filled me in on a few events.

I had known about this canyon I'm in. . . It is ringed by houses, and with the moon--and now with this glowing PDA--I was a bit concerned about detection.

I got to bed early, slept all night mostly.

At first for a bit, I lay there imagining feeling estatic reverence: "The dark sky is suffused deep with the presence" or something like that. And then I was laying there with silent wonder.

I imagined wandering along seeing everything glowing, shimmering with spirit. (I walked down El Cajon--a main strip with lots of cars and low commercial buildings.)

I also walked by a poker room on the way here and watched the people through the windows for a while. Frat type guys with Vietnamese and Philipinos and others, I think. Female dealers, all sitting down--it looked like some of the most community I saw the whole walk.


I don't have any more ideas about how to point my life from Theos.

Other than to walk to La Jolla and maybe stay there a while and just see what happens. I did imagine walking in Baja too.

Peace, Colin.


Walking times, other notes:
1606 leave college & el cajon
1717 Leave United Lodge of Theosopht 3766 El Cajon
1800 Park Ave
1900 Hillcrest (6th & University)
1931 Mission Hills Park

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