Monday, October 15, 2007

Organization for System Consciousness

07-10-14 20:59
I'll eat some rice and lentils in the morning too.

I am here to help me be more mindful. In the evenings I want to go comatose and forget. This is not letting me.

The main event was sitting for most of the day in an empty classroom.

The revelation was focusing on system consciousness.

"What is the most creative system action I could take?"

I had thought I might have been done, and then that came up.

And got me thinking of the system as if it were an individual consciousness.

I got there from considering beginning: "How best do I help people?" and changing that to: "How do I best help the system?"

If I identify with self as vehicle for system consciousness, system enlightenment, rather than as vehicle for individual enlightenment--

motivationally more tenable? More accurate?

While Andrew Cohen points to this approach, it is in Holacracy that I have found it in most detail.

In holacracy, in the presentations I've seen, they focus primarily at the level of one organization.

Ultimately, though, there is one system, one organization.

I have no sub-organization to practice with, or hardly any--

Why not start an "Organization for System Consciousness"

We free individuals to do system work--

to help system be agile, responsive, and free of limiting behavioral crusts.

I asked, do I attend Holacracy trainings?

There was no answer--meaning, usually, try another question.

What message do I want to give:

stay where you are, work there.

What systems are you embedded in?

Just as we renounce in life, help the system renounce--

Make a "requisite system" (from Elliott Jaques "requisite organization", but I only understand it through holacracy--sense tensions, create minimal organization necessary to address tensions)

This calls up a theory of development of system consciousness.

Rather than embracing the all, the all of cultural productions as all manifestations of spirit (following, sort of, Ken Wilber integral), see the current madness of the all as similar to the uncontrolled running of an individual mind.

In fact, system consciousness is out of control and could benifit from practicing meditation.

To enable it to do so, we need individuals to become "transparent to the divine."

They need to be free, as I am, to sit and meditate for long periods, in order to sense the most creative system action they can take.

What are the requisite organizations for the system?

I am seeking a larger role for my self.

I do not wish to go traipsing around the world after teachers and trainings. Wanting to travel as sovereign, not as tourist. Or not to travel.

I want to be an example of how sitting where one is can take one there-

With Andrew Cohen, in that individuality (I am the savior) can serve the collective.

Steps for action:

Personal steps: each time I return to Ann's house, clean up/out more of my stuff? Till there's not much left to leave? Till only requisite posessions remain?

System steps: Share system vision? See if that motivates others to wish to be more transparent to creative spirit, which, perhaps, means to renounce in order to be free to sit?

Now those who still have their drives retain them and do their work.

Those like me who lose it all and wander--

And those who grasped something in order to not have nothing--

So we sit with system consciousness in mind.

We withdraw from (renounce) non-requisite systems and orgs. We support the most basically requisite:

fruit and nut trees (so all can be free as I am)

And so on?

p. 510-13 of _Permaculture: A Designers' Manual_ ("Bioregional Organization")?

that's about the extent of it. Before that, during, after, I did focus on breathing. I did consider relationship with Grandma Ann--both of our behavioral crusts and what is under them. If I can not act from mine, she can not act from hers, but if not, I set hers off.

And my action plan of cleaning up/out a bit every time I return here.

Other aspects of the day went well--the only more mindless bit was a raid of the fig tree while waiting for pot to cool and while avoiding starting this.


So, I'm not content just to sit there--I do want to help organize people, system, to be agile, responsive, free of limiting behavioral crusts.

I love to imagine that I can, not having an organization, not being a CEO of any kind, organize on a more fundamental level than many of them.

Here I am not a Daoist--defining myself in difference, in opposition to others. . .

And when I asked what the most fundamental system action was:

"Is it going on alms round in La Jolla?"

silence. It is not a physical-realm action. It is something that operates on the highest (following Wilber) level at which you can operate.

(Very easy to criticize self for seeking abstract non-action, but, here, I won't)

It is some sort of idea. It may be only the viewing of self as vehicle for system consciousness.

And what does system consciousness look like?

Many conscious, mindful cells at least.

Creating requisite systems, organizations--

So system is agile, responsive, free of crusts--so system is enlightened--enabling awareness to present rather than to past/tradition. . .

Holacracy has a vision of this?

Time to leave this.

Another in a series of messianistic dreamings--a more refined, clear version of what I came up with earlier: "WeDevelop--organizational development for everyone."

My challenge is to come up with something that does not involve trip generation--no conferences, workshops, physical meetings--except with those we are already near--work where you are with those you are with. I'm not sure if that is correct or just reactionary to everyone else's jetting & driving around.

And how to get more people free to sit and wonder.


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