Wednesday, October 24, 2007


07-10-23 21:05
Out of reverie.
technology is an issue.

How can I make reader suffer less?

A major mindless issue is writing about relationships with others.

I will be more careful from now on. No assuming this is not read.


After writing? was on the computer a bit more.

Then read paper.

Then got ready to go.

Went on walk--to a fig tree (did not need to eat any more, but time was ripe), then to 54th st, a way I don't usually go.

Then up a canyon I've not been up before.

I sat in some shady brush.

I followed canyon as far back as I could--not easy. Came back out. Walked other places I'd not been. Exploring suburban streets.

Then to campus. ARC was open - the campus rec center. Lifted weights. Showered. Lay in empty large dance classroom.

Then to visit friend. We and her neighbor, also a friend, carved pumpkins.

Then here to cook.

Pot is now sitting finishing cooking. 21:43

The fig eating--but a bit more mindful than usual. Getting a bit too into nosepicking today. Walking sort of. Interaction when with friends, definitely less careful than usual. Which may be the point. Computer use in morning. The bushwhacking while canyoning.

Some mindlessness has a point. When carving pumpkins--we're playing, I'm asking what the pumpkin wants to become. (?)

That time seems to be a pre- kind of state (see pre/trans fallacy), as does exploring suburbia, bushwhacking.

And pre- states seem very important!!

Sitting, lifting, laying.

I'm thinking the most helpful I can be is help people learn to stay still, to do nothing.

I considered writing an ethics--

But thought that contrary to the Dao.

The way of Nature definitely is not nothing.

Doing nothing brings me into opposition, into contrast.

It is not doing nothing. Acting completely.

Complete action (Genpo Roshi: Right view is in fact "Complete View")

I'm returning to asking the moment for its intention.


The enlightened person knows the goal,

Does not act contrary to the goal--

based on current partial understanding?

Some of what I have thought and said today has been contrary to the goal.

I am referring to my thoughts about others and communication with others.

The enlightened person can uplift those he is with, or those he is in any way in contact with.

That can be a good intention.


I can watch and see that my actions uplift and at the least that my habitual, quick responses do not down anyone or myself.


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