Sunday, October 21, 2007


07-10-21 6:08
In the fog on a beach near a trash can, a beach on Mission Bay (once False Bay).

I was in bed around 730pm and ready for it. And slept until 1230 when there was a noisy group nearby, so I moved a bit.

After writing yesterday, I walked toward the Mission on the hill--I want to say Mission San Diego--but there's another one.

I found a great fig tree--that was breakfast.

I learned about the white deer of mission hills, just that there were some.

A plaque read:

"The white deer of Mission Hills.
Bliss in solitude beneath this tree,
Formless, silent, spirit free.
A friend."

I found some small squashes that I later found to be inedible.

I walked to my Point Loma grandparents' house and visited them.

There was a lot to talk about. Grammie also had the latest _communities magazine_ and some information about the Self-Realization Fellowship in Encinitas. And she'd been to TN with my other grandma, and my grandad had been to MT.

So there was also a lot to read.

By 2pm I left there, and went to another very good fig tree, then I met Jonathan (, and went to meet him and his dog Takeshi at a park at the edge of Liberty Station.

Later I walked to Ocean Beach. I watched people in People's Coop for a while. Then I went to the Green Store and visited Coleen. And Elaine, the cat. And found more to read.

Then I walked over the San Diego River, and met Andrew, a cousin of a cousin (?) who goes to UCSanta Cruz.

I think he's into religious studies--he was going to a wedding at the marina over there. He suggested a different route to La Jolla--

Mindlessness, Mindfulness, insights.

The amount of conversation yesterday was the challenge. I think I'm doing it more mindfully, but always there are lapses. Whenever I think of things to say but remain silent and listening, (at least until the speaker leaves a silence) I see that as a plus. [Better not to even think of things to say (?)]

Even better, I have been remembering a bit from the Mahamudra Meditation: to be as much as possible with the direct sensations rather than the interpretations of the mind.

I was walking across the SD River, just being there--contemplating how I was going somewhere because I had once thought of the future: to walk toward La Jolla,

And now, I could question that, or just be in the present, going somewhere.

And that may be how I come from theos--just stay in the present moment for now.

"and past and future take care of themselves. . ." Odd.


Only mindlessness: some of the fig eating [, looking for fruit trees]. Some of the reading. Some of the walking.

Insights: just with the present moment/ focus on Theos paradox--not really an insight.

And how coming west has been like coming out of the wilderness into progressive information overload--

Some notes from my reading:

"Dee Dee, Charley, and Momsie
Join the white deer's
Everlasting spiritual journey"

and to self-

"Study curcuribit family: poisonous?

Front loader washer for Grandma Ann-- (to save water)

From communites mag, to look up perhaps:

Ananda Communities

Most beautiful nominees:


L'Arche at La Borrie Noble, Languedoc, France: no electricty or cars, draft horses

Moshav Yodfat, Galilee, Israel--I think Galia who I met at Quail Springs is from there.

To read:

_Autobiography of a Yogi_ by Paramahansa Yogananda

In SD:
first ave at redwood. 619295 0176

To get off junk mail: (from the people's coop newsletter)


Sharing my insights with Grammie was some of the most fun.

Maybe I had good news for Coleen.

She is an activist, not super-hopeful.

What I did not say was that Holacracy gets away from consensus by calling their method "decision-making by iterative emergence"--something like that.

6:59 Time for sky, water, sand,
body. Bye writing mind.

peace, Colin

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